The paper for journal IHS from conference TRIZ Fest Prague 2014

Palčák, F.: „Application of TRIZ Approach in the Research of Seismic Resistance“, Humanities and Science University Journal, Sankt Peterburg, USJ-T/2014#10(10), pp. 60-70., 2014.

The given paper shows that while examining seismic safety in addition to real and computer-simulated experiments it is also necessary to take into account a creative approach which helps overcome the inertial

thinking. In this paper the results from previous research of the computational efficiency of numerical methods are now described using tools of TRIZ approach. The application of the objective laws derived from the development of technical systems has been used in the case of positioning mechanism development. The research into the appropriate structure for positioning mechanisms from the point of view of seismic resistance demonstrates the need to combine the open structure of mechanisms with a redundantly actuated spatial parallel structure. Using Failure Analysis the unwanted physical contradiction (the same value of eigenfrequency and acting frequency) was unveiled and suggestions how use the Separation Principles for its removal were introduced. Thus, the paper presents some results based on the research into the seismic resistance of an airflow regulator using the AFD-TRIZ method.

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