The paper for TMM Liberec 2016

Palčák, F.: Improvement of dynamic characteristics of the car in the light of technological evolution. Case study of TRIZ application. XII. International Conference on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, September 6.-8. 2016, TU Liberec, Czech republic, 2016.

The Member States of European Union are required to enact the Vibration Directive into national legislation. This paper describes the development of car technology aiming to reduce the impact of unwanted forced vibration on a change of position of the chassis when car  is passing over bumpy road. It is about the transition from the preset (passive) mechanical suspension to the adaptive (active) mechatronic suspension. The new breakthrough solution without compromises uses the rules, procedures and tools of the TRIZ approach. Adaptive car provides the best ride comfort and driving safety at the same time.

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