Trailer for lecture dedicated for doctoral students from FS TUL, Liberec, CZ

Palčák, F .: The success of doctoral studies due to Ingenuity, Benefits of the TRIZ approach to support proper holistic education, 3. and 10. November, 2021

The aim of the lecture is to capture, convince and show that for self-perfecting is appropriate to apply the Framework of perfecting PQ = RQ x EQ x IQ x TQ x AQ x MQ according to TRIZ approach, which should help in the advanced satisfaction of holistic needs (spiritual - principles, mental - knowledge and physical - skills) as well as in a human, economical and useful breakthrough overcoming challenges of future.

The mission of the Framework of mutual perfecting of conditions, creators and conditions (Framework of perfecting) in education is interestingly encourage what to use - input for transfer, clearly convince why to use it - the meaning of transfer and to show how to use output for transfer.

The whole lecture can be downloaded in PDF: