Mission Statement of TRIZ SK Civic Association


TRIZ SK is a non-profit civic association of individuals and business entities. The main goal of TRIZ SK is to use the TRIZ approach (Theory of inventive problem solving) to increase the skill levels of users to use this art cum science to enable and facilitate the development of breakthrough innnovations, or to improve existing creations (products-goods or processes-services).

Another objective of TRIZ SK is to create a space for cooperation between public institutions, businesses entities and nongovernmental organizations in implementing projects for beginners, intermediate and advanced users; for children, youth and adults; and to support the application of the TRIZ approach in all areas of social and economic life: in education, in research, in production, management and artistic creation.

To reach these goals, TRIZ SK organizes meetings, lectures, seminars, conferences, and congresses, publishes periodicals and books, prepares radio and television programs, and operates a website, http://triz.sk. Supporters from home and abroad take part in these activities.

The TRIZ SK civic association thus supports the goals of the Operational Programme: Research and Innovation in Slovak republic for the period 2014-2020 to improve the transfer of new knowledge into practice and businesses through fostering cooperation between businesses, research and development centers, and education. The training of people working in industry should result in their increased expertise and cooperation with universities should lead to a fundamental change in the education curriculum with the aim of meeting the needs of industry.

TRIZ SK is funded by:

  1. subsidies and grants from individuals
  2. contributions,
  3. contributions from contracted partners of TRIZ SK,
  4. donations from individuals and legal entities,
  5. other income from operation of the TRIZ SK


Date of registration of TRIZ SK at the Ministry of the Interior, SR: 24.1.2014.

Identification number of TRIZ SK: IČO: 42414296,

Tatra bank acount: IBAN: SK48 1100 0000 0029 4946 3799,



Assoc. Prof. František Palčák, PhD.

President of the TRIZ SK Civic Association

Web: http://www.triz.sk

Mobil: +421 903 432 037

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.