Evaluation of 25 years of fulfilling the mission of the training center ATC for ADAMS (http://atc.sjf.stuba.sk)

- Obtaining authorization to ATC for ADAMS STU in Bratislava, SK 1996
- Teaching subjects with the support of the ADAMS on FME STU in BA
- Employment of ATC members, graduates and doctoral students in industry
- Visits and awards to ATC from domestic and foreign personalities
- Training for work with the ADAMS program to teachers and students of Technical universities and employees from companies from the CZ and SK
- Cooperation, research and lectures of ATC for employees of companies from the CZ, SK, A and D
- Publication of experience with the ADAMS program in professional journals and participation with contributions to domestic and foreign events
- Suggestions for perfecting of ADAMS user support
- Integral perfecting of conditions, creators and creations according to attitudes, rules and procedures of the TRIZ approach, www.triz.sk

Palčák, F.: Evaluation of 25 years activity of ATC for ADAMS STU Bratislava, Experience with creations from MSC.Software on HxGN LIVE Design & Engineering, Czech Republic, Zaječí, 28.6.- 29.6.2022

The aim of the contribution was to show that the achievements of the training center ATC for ADAMS STU Bratislava (http://atc.sjf.stuba.sk) to handling a computer program ADAMS dedicated to Automated Dynamic Analyses of Mechatronic Systems over 25 years of activity are the result of computer support of the consistent application of the principles of art for reliability, knowledge of science for accuracy and skills of craft for the speed of an overall considerate, professional and inventive way of working according to the tools, regulations and instructions of the TRIZ approach: The Secret of Unraveling the Innovative Improvement of conditions, creators and creations (www.triz.sk) in the form of the 7P Framework of the cycle of breakthrough perfecting of the essence of fulfilling the mission of creations.

The full paper is available for download in PDF: